My Mission
Help others to find their purpose of life so they can live life to the fullest.


Corporate Training

  • Leading Change

  • Generative Speech Acts

  • Transformative Leadership

  • Polarity Management

  • Result Coaching

  • Enneagram Application in Workplace

  • Mastering the Art of Presentation

  • Tailor Made Corporate Training


Personal Development Training

  • Self Esteem & Peak Performance

  • Enneagram Advantage (Basic)

  • Enneagram Breakthrough (Advance)

  • Enneagram Dimension (Subtypes)

  • Mastering the Art of Presentation & Training (MAPT) ®

Self Esteem & Peak Performance - Ways to enhance self esteem by increasing awareness, developing acceptance, having assertive communications, be responsible, maintain high integrity and live a purposeful life.

Enneagram series - please refer to our public course individual leaflets


Mastering the Art of Presentation & Training (MAPT) ® - A well designed course which combine theories, practice, exercise, and role play which participants can learn step by step on how to be a supporter, speaker, presenter, facilitator and trainer.

More About Dorothy
Ms. Dorothy Wong graduated from State University of New York ...

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Founder of ICC Ltd. & Enneapower Co. Ltd.
P.G.D (Life Long Education),
Professional Enneagram Trainer
Executive Coach & Consultant
Certified Hypno-therapist 
2004 & 2015 Distinguished Trainers Awardee

Dorothy Wong

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