Professional Trainings

Joey has been trained by some of the world’s foremost gurus on organizational development in order to satiate his unquenchable thirst for knowledge.  He learned from the top gurus in different disciplines: Bob Kegan (The Immunity to Change), Bill Torbert (Leadership Development Profiling), Chris Argyris, Roger Schwarz (The Skilled Facilitator), Susanne Cook-Greuter (Leadership Maturity Framework), Bruce Patten (The Difficult Conversations), Michael Goodman (Systems Thinking), Eli Goldratt (Theory of Constraints), Peter Senge (Learning Organization) and many other workshops (including the Harvard Negotiation Program).  Also with a post-graduate education in Systems Dynamics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  Joey is a seasoned training and consulting professional in the areas of Learning Organization, Systems Thinking, Theory of Constraint (TOC), Corporate Culture and Process Consultation. 

Besides attending public trainings, Joey also leads trainings to improve the quality of OD or HR professional.

Focus of Work

Joey facilitates meetings, workshops and problem solving processes, and is an experienced trainer in facilitating clients through step-by-step reflection process.  Joey started his own practice as an OD practitioner by adopting Peter Senge’s Learning Organization concepts, and has been trained personally by the likes of Peter Senge, Bob Kegan (Immunity to Change), Michael Goodman (Systems Thinking) and many other world renown leaders in organizational change and leadership development.  Joey brings his sharp intellect and broad wealth of knowledge and experience to his clients to deliver impactful and lasting change to both the leaders and the systems they lead.


Project Examples :
1. Adaptive Leadership program for an International Bank  
2. Facilitate change management workshop 
3. Leadership development for Hong Kong financial institution
4. Manufacturing process reengineered by using the concept of TOC (Theory of Constraints)

Clients Served

Joey’s clients include government agencies in Taiwan and Singapore, Correctional Service Department, Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd., Kingfisher Asia Limit, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan), Nokia-Siemens Network, Alibaba (HK), Convoy Financial Group, MTR Corporation, Bank of Communications (Hong Kong), Cathay Pacific Airways, Education and Manpower Bureau of HKSAR Government, Open University of Hong Kong, and many other non-profit making institutions, government agencies and universities in the region. As an experience facilitator, Joey also facilitates executive think tanks and delivers management improvement projects for his clients.

Other Additional Backgrounds

Joey is the first Chinese Consultant Member of Founding Society of Organizational Learning (Founding SoL), which is now chaired by Peter Senge, the senior lecturer of MIT and also the author of The Fifth Discipline.  He is also a consultant member of TOCICO (Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization). 


  • SOA - Subject Object Awareness

  • MPI - Multi-perspective Integral

  • VIA - Value in Action

  • WTF - What's the Future



  1. 《基層教師尊嚴之重建:教改的最基本條件》:應用心理研究,第22 期,2004夏,臺北 Translated by Joey Chan

  2. 《建構理論取向的組織學習》:教育學報,Vol. 34, No.2, Winter 2006,香港

  3. 《瞭解組織複雜性及區分組織學習與學習型組織》:學校的領導與變革,2008,香港

  4. 《領導者的蛻變 - 領導者在職場中的意識進化》Changing On The Job 著:Jennifer Garvey Berger,譯:陳穎堅

領導者的蛻變 Changing on the Job.jpg
Joey Chan

Primary Approach
Joey has focused more than a decade’s effort in learning and facilitating Chris Argyris’ Action Science (also known as Action Inquiry, Action Research or Organizational Learning).  

Argyris has been named as the father of organizational learning, and he contributed a lot to the knowledge of organizational communication and coaching.  Joey’s practice as an agent of change has also been heavily influenced by Roger Schwarz’s Skilled Facilitation and Peter Block’s Flawless Consultation.  Joey is equally comfortable facilitating leadership workshops and coaching senior leaders, delivering one on one or group coaching sessions designed to deepen reflection, awareness and action.

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