My Mission

By sharing my knowledge on active influencing skills and Enneagram, facilitate them for an actionable and pleasant life.


  • Corporate Trainer

  • Enneagram Parenting Trainer

  • Certified Salesability Trainer


Professional Corporate Trainer 
Enneagram Parenting Trainer

Snowy Ho


Selling in a sharing and joyful way
Influencing others and selling can be a tough job if you don’t have the knowledge.  Through this course, I will share with you a systematic approach which influencing others by aligning both the buying and selling processes, in order to reach an ultimate win-win result.  The skill can be utilized in selling, supervision and parenting. 

Corporate workshops:

  • Selling with Heart

  • Making Your Customers Like You

  • The Power of Networking

  • The Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Consultative Selling

  • Effective Self-Management

Enneagram Parenting
By the application of Enneagram, the parents can understand the true self on their children and nurture their real potential.  Besides, the parent could motivate their children in their "right" ways.

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