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My Mission

Individual level: 
Mentor and coach others to unleash their potentials, realize their better selves and accept their wholeness in order to live a mindful and congruent life with positive emotional well-being. 


Corporate & Enneagram Trainer
Career Development & Positive Psychology Coach
Certified Professional Coach (ICF ACC) 

Vicky Lee

Corporate Experience

With over 15 years management experience at commercial sector in Greater China region, last held an APAC management position in product and marketing strategies for a Fortune 500 Healthcare company.  Went through trainee and hi-flyer career path in multi-national corporation or local conglomerate but also with practical leadership and team building experience in SMEs and start up firms in various industry sectors like Telecommunication, IT, Insurance and Pension Asset Management.  With international outlook and well understood of cross-cultural difference at workplace for working and studying in Beijing, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Netherlands and UK for numerous years.​


Corporate Training:

  • Leadership Presence & Executive Coaching

  • Career & Life Coaching

  • Adaptive & Authentic Leadership

  • Strategic Planning - Integral Approach

  • Mindful Communication

  • Cultivating Positive Workplace for Engagement

  • Power of Focus, Executive & Resilience

  • Strengths-based Talent Development


Personal Development Training:

  • Enneagram Advantage (Mandarin & Cantonese)

  • The Enneagram Global Career Development

  • Enneagram x 5 Love Languages

  • Enneagram Transformation & Mindfulness

  • Teenagers’ “Inside-out” Resilience Workshop

  • Cultivating Intrapersonal Intelligence for secondary school students

Private Coaching Service

  • Leadership Presence coaching

  • Entrepreneur coaching

  • Career coaching

  • Self-confidence coaching

  • Relationship coaching

Target Audiences

  • Corporations - aspire for performance excellence, change and value transformation.

  • School - look for self-exploration, emotional management and career development for teenage students.

  • Leaders - long for being an authentic, congruent, influential and strategic C-level executives.

  • XYZ generations - shop for smart and resourceful ways to develop career and upgrade with post-modern management skills.

  • Individuals - in search of self identity, genuine relationship and life purpose or advancing your better self and personal transformation.


  • Guest speaker in Metro Digital Radio’s program: 職場管理

  • Presenter in 2015 CUSCS Golden Jubilee Conference: Lifelong Education and Career Development [Topic: Cultivating students’intra-personal intelligence in career development process]

Corporate & Societal level: 
Groom teams and leaders in corporations to embrace with self-awareness, adaptability and execution power for excellence.  Enable senior executives to act congruently with healthy emotion and humble inquiry attitude; capable of holding space for a learning team, as well as actualizing team members’ strengths, cultivating an adaptive and appreciative culture which spark group synergy.


  • Certified Professional Coach (ICF ACC)

  • Professional Enneagram Trainer

  • Certified Positive Psychology Coach

  • Certified SPARK Resilience Trainer

  • Certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF)
    by CEE, US

  • Certified Emotional Healthy Leadership Trainer by Global Leadership Foundation